A beginner's guide to photographing children

A beginner's guide to photographing children

It’s not always important to have a wide space or costly lighting set-up like a studio to click some amazing pictures of your children. We are here to help the beginners out giving some important and cost-effective tips to shoot some interesting portraits of their kids. So let’s follow us…  

Why not at home?

Your home can be a best fit than any professional studios, because it has a real flavor of nature for your children, where they actually feel comfortable. So, how to make your home perfect to click a picture, right? First of all, try to manage a quite good space for the shoot, and then move for its natural environment. To create a naturaland attractive background, you can set a grey seamless paper roll in a stand, or simply use an uncluttered wall for background. As light is a big fact for your shoot, so utilize the natural light that comes from your windows, and for super bounce flash, you can manage white ceiling, walls or use white sheet for a perfect click.  
But it’s much important to remember that don’t go for too many changes, otherwise it will look odd to others, so try to keep the environment natural.

Naughty Kids:

Like always, kids are too naughty and impatient, so make sure that you are done with your setup perfectly before bringing your kids for a click. However, to move fast, you can use longer lenses to defocus and make a drop shadow behind your subject, and to get a great click, you can also use an 85mm lens from a quite good distance.

Use Cell Phone Ring Tone:

To freeze your children’s movement, while clicking, you can use flashgun or cell phone ring tone to get an easy shoot. It will help you to catch kids’ attention at your direction, but remember, use the flashgun in a very natural way keeping a good distance from your baby. In addition, sometimes natural look can give you a great click, so don’t force them to focus at your direction, and need not to gather too many people, while clicking but only one or two.

Let the Kids Run Free:

To get much more natural picture, make sure that you have managed the camera at the kids’ eye level, and to do it, sometimes you may need to get down as level as your kids. Furthermore, while going through a shoot, you should keep in mind that your kids feel comfortable with your setup, and if need, let the kids run free for a natural shoot. However, finally focus on your subject, and its back ground to click a best picture of your kids ever.
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