Does Photographers Earn Money Without Royalty-Free Stock Photo Markets

Does Photographers Earn Money Without Royalty-Free Stock Photo Markets

As a photographer, you can have the best work possible but if you don't know how to market yourself and you don't know the business aspect to photography you are really not going to be able to get new clients and then making money. A lot of photographers are usually of the opinion that they can only make money through the selling of stock photos but in reality, there are other ways a photographer can make money from their hobby. In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways you can make some money from photography apart from selling royal-free stock photos.

Work With Local Bloggers

A fun way to make money in photography would be working with local bloggers in your area. You can offer to do bloggers packages where you use a set location like a local park or an area in your city. You would tell your clients that you have this one location where they can do two outfits with X amount of money and they will get one full body shot, two torsos, a headshot, and then like two accessory shots or something like that. That's another way that you can make money and collaborate with local people in your area. 

Headshots for Local Businesses

Another way to make that cash with photography is to do headshots for local businesses. One business that comes to mind is real estate; most business professionals update their headshots every year or so. Contacting local businesses by just using Facebook as a way to advertise that you are doing headshots is a really good way to make money as well because they are quick and easy.  

Lookbooks for Local Boutiques

Another tip would be to do lookbooks for local boutiques or even online boutique store or jewelry stores in your area. To do this you can shoot them an email or just send them your portfolio or link to your portfolio and then just offer your services to them and explain to them why it would be beneficial. By doing this, you would also have the experience of working with models, hair stylist, makeup artist, location, and the owner of the boutique as well.

Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is a huge market but you need to be really flexible with your schedule when dealing with clients in this area because they are going to want you to come in like that same day. In order to get involved in this just go into your local real estate office or shoot them an email and see if they need photos of the interiors of the homes that they are selling.

Revenue Sharing Websites

Another way you can make money from your photography is by creating a portfolio of your images on one of the photography revenue sharing sites. You can make some extra money by sharing your photos on this site. The best photography revenue sharing website I would recommend is bestHDwallpaper. There are 4 levels you can earn money from this site (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). The money you make from this website increases as you climb up the ladder. They share 60% of their revenue with their users and you can cash out via PayPal once your earnings hit $20. You should BestHDWallpaper out today and make some money out of your hobby.